HYD243 Water Res. Plann. & Manag.

Water Resources Planning and Management

HYD 243 - EBS 243  

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Syllabus     Previous Term Projects

Instructor: Dr. Samuel Sandoval Solis

This class focuses in an integrated water resources management approach for every sources of water and type of use, showing fundamental concepts for every aspect of coupled human and natural systems, as well as the fundamentals of decision-making processes. Programming techniques to water resources planning, analysis and management.

 Key concepts learned in this class are:

  • Integrated water resources management
  • Natural flow regimes
  • Surface water and groundwater modeling and calibration
  • Performance criteria for water resources systems
  • Engineering economics
  • Agriculture hydrology and water needs
  • Urban hydrology and water needs
  • Environmental flows and environmental water management
  • Reservoir operations and re-operations
  • Groundwater management and aquifer recharge
  • Conjunctive use of water
  • Shared vision and collaborative modeling
  • IWRM and decision making processes
  • Holistic Water resources management

Lectures:        5:10 – 6:30 pm Monday and Wednesday. Location: Hunt Hall 110

Professor:       Samuel Sandoval Solis. Email: samsandoval@ucdavis.edu
                        Office hours: Wednesdays 1:00 - 2:00 pm. Veihmeyer Hall 135.
                        For an appointment please sign in: https://calendly.com/samsandoval/office-hours
                       For other times, please send an email to the instructor 

Grading:          60% Exercises (Ex.) and Readings (Rd.). Late submission -10%/day
                        40% Term project.

Term project: Template.
                        Abstract/Main idea (1/2 – 1 page)
                        Work plan  (1-2 pages) 
                        Literature Review
                        Preliminary Results 
                        Final Report: Executive Summary/abstract (1 page)
                        Report (7 pg. not less, not more. Not including citations) May 26th
                        Presentation (10  min) due May 26th and June 2nd 

Readings:       Register here for selecting your reading assignments and podcast assignments

Field Trip:       Register here for the field trip and read the following instructions for where we are going, agenda and logistics

Data:               California Water databases, useful Link, videos and books (link)

Class Calendar 


Instruction Begins Monday March 28, 2022

What's due?




Reading & podcast


Term Project

Introduction to Water Resources Management



Mon 3 Apr

Discussion of Syllabus and logistics of the class (Presentation, Video)


Wed 5 Apr

Introduction to Water Resources Management (Presentation, Video 1 & 2)

Rd. 1
Pod. 1 

Environmental Flows



Mon 10 Apr

Principles of Environmental Flows (Video 1 and 2, podcast)

Rd. 2
Pod. 2


Wed 12 Apr

Streamflow Completion and, Unimpaired and Naturalized Flows (PresentationVideoExample file)

Rd. 3
Pod. 3

Ex. 1


Input Data and Simulation Models



Mon 17 Apr

Control volumes, conservation of mass & water budgets (HandoutVideoExcel)

Rd. 4
Pod. 4


Wed 19 Apr

Water Resources Modeling & Principles: Simulation (VideoPresentation). 


Ex. 2

 Abstract, Introduction & Objectives

Water Allocation Systems and Goodness of Fit



Mon 24 Apr

Water Rights and Allocation Systems (WR 1 and 2, Handout 1 and 2). Podcast 1 & 2

Rd. 5
Pod. 5


Wed 26 Apr

Modeling calibration, verification and validation.

Rd. 6
Pod. 6

Ex. 3


29, 30 Apr

Field Trip - Hopland REC. Register here




Water in California and Performance Criteria



Mon 1 May

Water in California (Presentation, Video part 1 and  2

Rd. 7
Pod. 7


Wed 3 May

Performance Criteria 

 Rd. 8
Pod. 8

Ex. 4


Cost - Benefit and Risk Analysis



Mon 8 May

Reservoir re-operation (Presentation)

Rd. 9
Pod. 9

Wed 10 May

Cost Benefit Analysis (PresentationVideo)


Ex. 5 

 Lit. Review & Methods

Water Resources Modeling: Principles of Optimization



Mon 15 May

Groundwater Management & Conjunctive use of Water (Video 12 and 3, Podcast 1 2 & 3)

Rd. 10
Pod. 10


Wed 17 May

Optimization Modeling (Video, handout,  Presentation)


 Ex. 6


Fri 19 May

Bay Delta Tour. 7am - 7pm (Mandatory). Register here




Risk Analysis and the Role of Scientist in Decision Making Process



Mon 22 May

Risk Analysis and Expected Monetary Value  (PresentationVideo)


Wed 24 May

 Role of Scientist in Decision Making (Video, Podcast 1 & 2) and Environmental Justice (Video 12 and 3)

 Rd. 11 
Pod. 11 

Ex. 7

 Preliminary Results

Project Presentation



Mon 29 May

No class - Memorial Day Holiday


Wed 31 May

Term Project Presentation

   Ex. 8 


Project Presentations



Mon 5 Jun

Term Project Presentations


Wed 7 Jun

Term Project Presentation

     Final Report


Other recommended videos: Agriculture and Food System (Video 12 and 3,  Podcast 1 & 2). Optional videos 12, and book.


Instructions to join Hydrolearn
Use this Template to submit Your Water Plan


Due Date

Ex. 1: Hydrolearn
-  Introduction (Tutorial, pdf)
- Components of the Water Budget: Introduction Environmental Water Needs (Tutorial, sheet, pdf)


Ex. 2: Hydrolearn
- Components of the Water Budget: Urban and Rural Water Demands (Tutorial, sheet)


Ex. 3: Hydrolearn
- Components of the Water Budget: Agricultural Demand (Tutorial, sheet)


Ex. 4: Hydrolearn
- Components of the Water Budget: Water Budget and Water Plan Summary: Baseline Water Budget (Tutorial, sheet)


Hydrolearn Ex. 5.

- Alternative Water Management Strategies (Tutorialsheet)


Ex. 6: Cost – Benefit Analysis (Data, Tutorial, Video)


Ex. 7: Optimization Modeling (Data and Tutorial)


Ex. 8: Risk Analysis and Expected Monetary Value (Data, Tutorial)




Reading List

Reading Extent Due Date
Rd 1: Loucks and Van Beek 2017:Download book pg 28 - 45 Apr/5

Rd 2: Environmental Flows

Natural Flow Regime, Functional Flows 1, 2ELOHA,  CEFF Apr/10
Rd 3: Data Completion and removing human alteration VogelKadir and Wurbs  Apr/12
Rd 4: Water Budgets. DWR. HandbookUkiah Budget Diagrams Apr/17
Rd 5: Water Rights in California  Summary (12, and 3),  Allocation(Sandoval-Solis 2019)  Daner et al. Section 2.5 (pg 31 - 34) Apr/24
Rd. 6: Model Calibration, validation and verification Nash Sutcliffe: 1234 & 5 Apr/26
Rd. 7: California Water PPIC. Brochures  All brochures  May/1

Rd. 8: Performance Criteria

Hashimoto et al. (1982)Sandoval-Solis et al. (2011) May/3
Rd. 9: Reservoir re-operation Reservoir sizingExampleFIRODeath to Rule CurvesRe-op for Eflows  May/8
Rd. 10: Groundwater Management Community-based Conservation SGMAMAR in CaliforniaFloodMAR May/15
Rd. 11: Groundwater Pollution Podcast 1 & 2Nitrate Contamination in CaliforniaSustainable for Whom? May/31 


Listening List 

Podcast Theme Podcast Due Date
Pod. 1: Water systems, Fire and Drought   (a)Slow Water, and (b) Indigenous Water and Fire, (c) Drought and disease in the Sierra Apr/5

Pod. 2:

Water Management for the Environment (a) Functional Environmental Flows, (b) Beavers, and (c) Wild Horses Apr/10
Pod. 3: Indigenous perspective of Water (a) Decolonizing Water part 1 and (b) part 2 Apr/12
Pod. 4: Urban Water Management (a) Urban Water 101, (b) Watering Urban Spaces and (c) Urban Gardening Apr/17
Pod. 5: Indigenous and Colonial Water Rights (a) California Native Water Rights and (b) Colonial Water Rights Apr/24
Pod. 6: Agricultural Water Management  (a) Small Farms, (b) Agriculture in the Delta, (c) San Joaquin Valley and (d) Imperial/Mexicali Valley Apr/26
Pod. 7: Water Policies, Diplomacy and Leadership  (a) Water inheritance, (b) Drought Management, and (c) Water Diplomacy May/1

Pod. 8:

Under-represented communities and Water (a) Advancing Water Justice and (b) Climate Justice May/3
Pod. 9: Dams, and Storage of water in Soils (a) History of Dams, (b) Soil and water, and (c) Cover Crops May/8
Pod. 10: Sustainable Groundwater Management (a) Water Reforms and (b) Water Education May/15
Pod. 11: Human Right to Water (a) Human right to water and SGMA, (b) Water Insecurity, and (c) Env. Justice in the San Joaquin Valley May/31