Water Resources Management Research Group

Principal Investigator -  Samuel Sandoval Solis, PhD



Alyssa DeVincentis Ph.D Student Noelle Patterson M.S. Student
Jose Pablo Ortiz Partida
Ph.D Student Daisy Guitron M.S. Student
Laura Elisa Garza
Ph.D Student

Post-Doctoral Scholars

Hervé Guillon, Ph.D.    

Visiting Scholars

Romina Diaz Gomez, Ph.D.   Sloane Rice, B.S.  
Leo Qiu, B.S.    

Former Group Members



Samuel Sandoval Solis, Ph.D.

Samuel is an assistant professor and cooperative extension specialist. His expertise is in water resources planning and management. During decision making process, Samuel is the person working between the scientists, engineers, environmentalists, system operators and decision makers; he integrates ideas into policies and quantifies benefits and drawbacks. Samuel shares his expertise and passion for quantitative water planning with students through his course entitled Water, Science and Management (ESM-121) in which he demonstrates to student tools and methods to design sustainable water resources systems. Email:



Ph.D. Students

Jose Pablo Ortiz Partida

Jose Pablo received a scholarship from the Mexican Government for pursuing a Ph.D. in Hydrologic Sciences at the University of California, Davis. He is interested on Integrated Water Resources Management with an specific focus on water quantity and water quality modelling. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering from the Western Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESO) in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. He is working on a water quality modeling for the Big Bend reach of the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo Basin. His dream is to find solutions for the preservation and distribution of water resources to provide people in need access to clean and safe water. Email:


Alyssa DeVincentis

Alyssa is pursuing a PhD in Hydrologic Sciences from the University of California, Davis and is a trainee in the NSF Climate Change, Water and Society IGERT program. Her research is focused on sustainable agricultural water management in both California and Latin America. She is specifically interested in groundwater management, adoption of water conservation practices on farm, and integrating social response to climate change into hydrologic modeling. She is using a mixed-method approach to study the hydrologic impacts of climate-smart agriculture using field measurements, stakeholder interviews, and hydrologic modeling. She is specifically interested in the potential use of cover crops and deficit irrigation to mitigate groundwater overdraft and the effects of new groundwater management legislation in California. Alyssa holds a B.S. in Environmental Science from Rutgers University where she researched the economics of recycling water at horticultural operations. She served in AmeriCorps for a year in Texas before coming to UC Davis. Email:


Laura Elisa Garza

Laura Elisa is pursuing a PhD in Hydrologic Sciences from the University of California, Davis for which she received a scholarship from the Mexican National Council for Science and Technology. Her research focuses on the transboundary basin of the Rio Grande/Bravo, and her goal is to assess the effects of droughts and floods and propose adaptation strategies to cope with these extreme climatic events. Laura received her master's degree in Applied Ecology from the University of Kiel, Germany. Email:



M.S. Students

 Noelle Patterson

Noelle is pursuing a Masters in Hydrologic Sciences at the University of California, Davis, co-advised by Dr. Belize Lane at Utah State University. After two years developing water quality policy at the California State Water Board, Noelle was eager to broaden her skills through research that helps inform sustainable management of water resources. Her research interests include riverine hydrology and hydraulics, geomorphology, and integration of ecology with these disciplines. Her research primarily focuses on annual flow characteristics needed to preserve ecological function of regulated rivers. Noelle received her bachelor's degree in Biological Systems Engineering from UC Davis. In her free time Noelle enjoys outdoor adventures of all kinds, but especially rock climbing with her husband. Email:


 Daisy Guitron

Daisy is pursuing a Masters in Civil Engineering in the research area of water resources engineering at the University of California, Davis working with Dr. Samuel Sandoval. Daisy received her bachelor’s degree in science with a major in Civil Engineering with a minor in construction engineering and management. Where she was part of the University of California’s Leadership Excellence through Advanced Degrees, UC LEADS, a two-year honors program requiring students to embark scientific research. The first summer she worked with Dr. Samuel Sandoval where she integrated 15 years of daily data for 210 gage stations using hydrologic and geomorphic characteristics with river ecosystems function to estimate environmental flow targets at the reach scale and planning level. The second summer she worked with Dr. Chia-Ming Uang at the University of California, San Diego. Her research topic was on simulation of steel moment frame response under earthquake excitation. Email:


Post-Doctoral Scholars 

 Hervé Guillon, Ph.D.

Hervé is a Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of California, Davis working with Dr. Lane and Dr. Samuel Sandoval (UC Davis) to derive a hydro-geomorphic stream classification for multiple hydrologic basins in California. He is using data mining and machine learning techniques to understand landscape and near-stream controls on channel geomorphic settings. Hervé completed his PhD in the Institut des Sciences de la Terre in France on present-day erosion processes in a glaciated catchment in the Mont-Blanc massif. Before coming to UC Davis, Hervé joined the hydrology and glaciology laboratory Institut des Géosciences de l’Environnement in France to discriminate suspended sediment origin from in-situ settling behaviour with optical methods.Email:


Visiting Scholars

 Romina Diaz Gomez, Ph.D.

Romina is a postdoctoral researcher. She graduated with a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences at the National University of Tucuman, Argentina. She received a scholarship from National Scientific and Technical Research Council CONICET Argentina. She specializes in remote sensing and geographic information systems applied to water resources management. She is using hydrological simulation modeling to evaluate the impact of the climate and land use change on water supply and water regulation in subtropical basins. She worked in the environmental vulnerability of watershed ecosystem services at Faldeo Eastern Aconquija (FOA), Tucuman, Argentina. Her researches interests include integrate watershed management, remote sensing and UAVs for water monitoring. Her principal goal is to help bridge the gap between science and decision making. Email:


 Leo Qiu, B.S.

Leo is a full stack software developer working with Python and Javascript. As a web developer and programmer for the eFlows project, Leo works to communicate environmental data in clear and interactive platform. Email:


 Sloane Rice, B.S.

Sloane is a researcher working in the lab. Email: