Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Application Efficiency for the State of California



This webpage provides a series of maps, by hydrologic region, for an overall irrigation efficiency estimated for the whole region, as well as for 20 different crops for 2 years, 2001 and 2010.

Overall Irrigation Efficiency estimated by region:


2001                                         2010

The following table provide the statewide Application Efficiencies:

  2001 2010
Statewide .pdf .mdb .pdf .mdb

Estimated Irrigation Efficiencies for 20 different crops

Crop 2001 2010
Corn .pdf .mdb .pdf .mdb
Cotton .pdf .mdb .pdf
Dry Beans .pdf .mdb .pdf .mdb
Grains1 .pdf .mdb .pdf .mdb
Safflower .pdf .mdb .pdf .mdb
Sugarbeet .pdf .mdb .pdf .mdb
Other Field Crops2 .pdf .mdb .pdf .mdb
Alfalfa .pdf .mdb .pdf .mdb
Pasture3 .pdf
.mdb .pdf .mdb
Cucurbits4 .pdf .mdb .pdf .mdb
Onion and Garlic .pdf .mdb .pdf .mdb
Potato .pdf .mdb .pdf .mdb
Tomato - Fresh .pdf .mdb .pdf .mdb
Tomato - Processing .pdf .mdb .pdf .mdb
Other Truck Crops5 .pdf .mdb .pdf .mdb
Almond and Pistachio .pdf .mdb .pdf .mdb
Other Deciduous6 .pdf .mdb .pdf .mdb
Subtropical Trees7 .pdf .mdb .pdf .mdb
Turfgrass and Landscape .pdf .mdb .pdf .mdb
Vineyard .pdf .mdb .pdf .mdb
1.- wheat, oats, barley, etc.    
2.- sorghum, sunflower, sudangrass, etc.
3.- excluding grass hay
4.- melons, squash, cucumbers, etc.
5.- carrots, celery, cauliflower, broccoli, strawberries, asparagus, etc.    
6.- apples, peaches, prunes, pears, etc.    
7.- olives, avocados, citrus, dates, etc.