ESM 121 Water Science and Management    HYD 243 - EBS 243 Water Resources Planning and Management  HYD 010 Water, Power, Society 

Because water is not equitably distributed in time and place, in the right quantity with the adequate quality, a discipline called Water Resources Planning and Management is used to redistribute water resources in a way that satisfies the needs of water users, including the environment, today and in the future. As a water management group, the teaching component has an emphasis on Water Resources Planning and Management for undergraduate (ESM 121) and graduate (HYD 243) students.

ESM 121 Water Science and Management is a class that teaches fundamental methods of water resources management, contemporary water resources problems, and tools for water resources planning and management. The course is divided into three sections: (1) theory, (2) practice through useful and quantitative exercises, and (3) real world experience, 1 hour per week each. In the real world experience section; guest speakers come to the classroom (such as water managers, practitioners, decision makers and experts from multiple disciplines), give a lecture and share their vision and challenges on water resources management.

HYD 243 Water resources Planning and Management is class that focuses in an integrated water resources management approach for every sources of water and type of use, showing fundamental concepts for every aspect of coupled human and natural systems, as well as the fundamentals of decision-making processes. Programming techniques to water resources planning, analysis and management.

HYD/SAS 010 Water, Power, Society is a class that discusses the current water problems in the context of historical development (emphasis on California), science, and socio-political considerations. Examine how the California water system became so vast and unique, and implications for future sustainability of both water quantity and quality given challenges such as climate change and continued development. Focus on current problems and the roles of science and policy in solving water problems. 



Descriptive Figure that shows how looks like a conversation (in thoery and practice) of Water Resources Planning and Management