Term Projects

Andrew Tom, Jason Leung, Judy Chen & Bobby Miyashiro (2016). Providing Context to a Proposed Shasta Dam Expansion. California Water Data Challenge. The State of California and the White House CEQ

Term Projects 2015

Student's Name Project title
Kory Burt, Erin Good, Micah Shachar, Justin Pascual Evaporation: an analysis of the California State Water Project’s efficiency
Gabriella Cerezo, Caleb Wang, Ming Yin, Qiao Kelly Yu Comparing Indoor Water Saving Methods and Implications
Ryan Hatano and Ronald Liu

Analysis of greywater use for toilet flushing in San Francisco

Forrest Hierholzer, Kevin Horng, Dustan Li, Sadie Olson Installing Water‐Conserving Technologies to Reduce Water Usage in San Francisco
Katelyn Johnson, Kitri Hobson, Jenna Yonenaga, Ale Hoyos Almond Fields Forever: Efficient Agricultural Water Use in California
Stephanie Lee, Austin Lemire-Baeten, Kai Neuhold-Huber, Linnea Whitney Contrasting Furrow and Subsurface Drip Irrigation Effects on Groundwater Recharge

Brian Arena, Jake  Becker, Brian Karabinos, Kyle 

Individual Water Reduction in Accordance with California State Water Mandate
Anna Bellini, Kaili Brande, Shannel Sosa, Zack Ziade Managing Salinity Levels in the Salton Sea

Charmaine Bonifacio, Skylar Hall, Jessica Ho, Benjamin Lam

Lawn Replacement in Southern California
Lisa DiNicolantonio, Emma Hansen-Smith, Sloane Rice Analysis of Water Use for Water Bottle Production
Nicole Dunkley, Sam Moffitt, Joanna Ortiz, and William Wang Apartment Complexes and Water Conservation in the City of Davis

Joseph Glossop, Daniel Jara, Courtney Kohler

The Implementation of Project: Drop a Brick in Davis, CA
Jia Ma, Stephanie Wen, Taran Sahota Analysis of Permeable Surfaces on the Campus of UC Davis

Andrew Musca, Joshua Paz, Devin Ciriaco, Calvin Shrader

Grass Lawn Replacement Rebate Program in Los Angeles

J.P. Ortiz-Partida, P.T. Silva-Jordán, S. Yi, S. Sandoval-Solis

Quantifying Benefits of Adaptation Policies: Merging Water Management Performance with Cost-Benefit Analysis

Sherman Peng, Alicia Rodriquez, Chie Shan Chan Drought Policy and Water Management: Comparative Analysis of Davis and Redding
Dennise Alatorre, Anne Howley, Alexandra Marguilies, Jason Whitney The Cannery Greywater Reuse Analysis
Mia Bianchi, Grace Chan, Jennie Hoang, Larissa Sanderfer

The Comparison of Drip vs. Furrow Irrigation Systems and its effects on California Agriculture

Leslie Canones, Chryslea Cosme, Nicole Villeneuve San Diego Water Consumption with Carlsbad Desalination Plant
 Tsukiko Jerger, Nicole Puma, Andrew Tom, Nargis Walai Potential Outdoor Water Savings of Los Angeles
Nicholas Piucci, Asher Gotzmer, Sylvie Josel, Spenser LaBay Crop Substitution for Improved Water Efficiency
Su-Lin Terhell, Kevin Cai, Dylan Chiu, Johnathon Murphy

Cost and Benefit Analysis of Permeable Pavements in Water

Term Projects 2013

Student's Name Project title
Tecali Aguilar, Edward Chan,  Leigh Hiura, and Christine Mateo Taking Down Hetch Hetchy
Jane Kim, Chloe Bombardieri and Erin Fieberling Potential Desalination Plant in Santa Cruz California
Brian Chan, Chris Reynolds Jasper, Haley Kathryn Stott Enhancing environmental flows of Putah Creek for
Chinook salmon reproductive requirements
Geoff Dodson, Thomas Jensen, Alycia Cridebring, Michael Lungole

Analysis of Student Water Use in the City of Davis

Sabrine Eshaghi, Philip Lenz, Timothy Lewis, Angela Nguyen Analysis of Water Usage and Economic Output in California

Pilar Plummer, Hailey Pexton, Winne Loo, Annie Huang

Improving the Arboretum Water Quality

Olivia Lim, Dan Colvin, Zach Bess, Atley Keller

Flow and Water Quality in UC Davis Arboretum and Putah Creek
Joshua Rivera, Joanne Kim, Shannon Fu, Tiffany Hsieh Water Usage of Businesses in Davis
Tim Akana, Amy Dirksen, Kathrina Gregana, Krinjal Mathur Analysis of UC Davis Cuarto Dorm’s Water Usage and Water Reduction Methods
Gomes Abreanna, Maturi Abhiram, Peters Jerome, Ki Arnold An Evaluation of "Measure I" on Davis
Spring Riddle, Paul Martinez, Victor Gutierrez Fertilizer Use, Crop Yield, and Expected Production
Zineb Babi, Jose Luis Rodriguez, April Jean Tafoya Scenario modeling in the Pajaro Valley Aquifer utilizing WEAP
Stefan Dimov Grozev, Omar Tinoco, Dulcinea Alcira De Leon Analysis of Shower Water Use by UC Davis Students

Term Projects 2012

Student's Name Project title
Maisie Borg, Orion Edwards & Sarah Kimpel A Study of Individual Household Water Consumption
Kristen Shapiro, Andrew Chan, Elliot Carson, Romina Tayag Outdoor Water Use Conservation through Native Plants
Robert Miyashiro, Brian Rico, Jamie Yates Water Source Distance and Its Effects on Population and Water Rate
Jessica Collado, Junyan Li, Vicki Lin

Analysis of City of Davis 2010 Urban Water Management Plan

Andrew Scott, Zarreen Ali and Sunny Bhardwaj An Uncertain Future. The Unstable Supply of Urban and Rural Water for Mumbai, India

Joe Bendorf, Josh Heasell, Jeffrey Hwa, Andrea Monteiro

UC Davis Urinal Replacement Project
Kathryn Cartaino, Christina Ives, Chelsea Ohanesian, Mila Spitsyn Australia vs. CA Water Management Policy
Tal Link, Kevin Phung, Mundeep Purewal, Thaleena Purewal, Kiernan Salmon Water Consumption Efficiency of Toilets & Shower Heads in Davis:  Old Davis (Cambridge House) vs. New Davis (Sycamore Lane Apartments)
Meghan Call, Kevin Siew, Gregory Wada, China Ware Buffalo Grass as a Means of Water Use Reduction on the UC Davis Campus
Thomas Moore, Raya Nedelcheva, Joseph Vu, Tony Mai Water Reduction Methods for Strawberry Irrigation
Pat Meddaugh, Mollie Ogaz, Sam Schoevaars, Kelley Shaw Case Study: UCD Laundering Methods
Maryse Balmain, Chase Bulkin, Belize Lane, Adrianna Maberry Water Resources Economics in the Big Bend reach of the Rio Grande Basin