Former Research Group Members

2015. Jose Luis Rodriguez Arellano, Alejandra Virgen Urcelay, Josue Martinez Moreno

2014. Mohammad H. Golmohammadi, April Tafoya, Omar Tinoco, Luz Graciela Cruz, Romain Maendly, Erik C. Porse

2013. Vicki Lin, Samuel Schoevaars, Maria Milanes Murcia, JSD, Xueshan Ai, Ph.D.

2012. Kaylee Williams.


Jose Luis Rodriguez Arellano

Jose Luis is pursuing a Master’s degree in Hydrologic Sciences at University of California, Davis. His interests focus on the conjunctive use of surface water and groundwater. Originally from Mexico, Jose Luis obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in his home country. Motivated by the great water use challenges California faces, he decided to further his education with a focus on water resources management. Email:


erik-porse.jpgErik Porse

Erik Porse works at the interdisciplinary boundaries of water resources engineering, resource sustainability, energy policy, and urban analysis. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering for water resources at the University of California, Davis, conducting analysis and modeling for integrated management of engineering and ecological systems related to urban water. He has worked in numerous roles throughout the world, including faculty leader of the Earlham College East Africa program in Tanzania, systems engineer for the U.N. in Austria, technology and international affairs analyst for the U.S. government, and adjunct professor in Politics and Government at George Mason University. He holds a Master's Degree in Public Policy with a concentration in Science and Technology Policy from George Mason University, and a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering and Music from the University of Hartford. Read more about his interest at Erik's webpage. Email:


Omar Tinoco

I am currently a 5th year undergraduate student pursuing a B.S in Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning with an Emphasis in Water Management. I am currently interning with Lisa K. Moretti in stormwater management assessing the condition of stormwater outfalls and potential for non-stormwater discharge to meet requirements conditions for UC Davis’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Phase II permit. Furthermore, evaluate best management practices and sediment erosion along the UC Davis Arboretum to provide recommendations for maintenance.In addition, I am volunteering for the California Department of Water Resources assisting with public affairs office, in its water education division. My interests are water quality, conservation and the management of groundwater in the California Central Valley. Through experience and research I plan to figure out the best water quality and supply practices depending on the region. Email:


romain-maendly.jpgRomain Maendly

Romain Maendly interest lays in the evaluation of water systems at the watershed, district, state and national level utilizing Life Cycle Analysis Techniques. Romain is pursuing a Master’s in Civil and Environmental Engineering within the specialization of water resources at the University of California, Davis. While being a full time student, Romain is also a full time Engineer for the California Department of Water Resources. Originally, Romain originated from Switzerland where he earned a technical certificate in Land Surveying, while working for an Engineering Consultant Company. Romain moved to the United States and completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Engineering Science from the University of California, Berkeley. Romain’s goal is to pursue advanced education in integrated water management resources and use his knowledge to develop applicable tools for public services purposes.



Mohammad H. Golmohammadi

Mohammad is a visiting graduate student at UC Davis and PhD candidate in water resources engineering in the Department of Civil Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, Iran. Now, he’s working on his dissertation which is about scenario analyses for Integrated Water Resources Planning and Management in the Zayandehrud basin, Iran. He has such researches in the fields of intelligent systems such as Fuzzy Set and Systems, Artificial Neural Networks and Adaptive Neuro based Fuzzy Inference System, time series modelling and dynamic programming. His interests include conjunctive use of surface water and groundwater, hydrologic modelling, optimization and conflict solution. In 2013, Mohammad was honoured to outstanding student of Iran, awarded by Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and outstanding researcher of Isfahan province awarded by Isfahan Governor-General.



Luz Graciela Cruz

Luz Graciela Cruz, Humphrey Fellow for 2013 – 2014 sponsored by the Fulbright Commission and the United States Department of State.  She is biologist from Panama and spend two months of professional development in UC Davis. She is a coordinator of Resources and Development Projects at theNational Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation in Panama.  She study the water and climate change for public policy and scientific research in focus on Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation



April Jean Tafoya

April Jean was a graduate student in the hydrological science program and a CCWAS IGERT student who studied water resource management in arid land regions and climate change adaptation. After two quarter she decided to follow a more practical training in water resources as a practitioner in New Mexico rather than academia. This is a brief bio of her undergrad and master studies: April undergraduate work focused on Environmental Science, studying entomology and how phylogenetic analysis of subterranean species can be incorporated into groundwater modeling, as well as several water quality related studies. April Jean received her MS in Earth and Planetary Science from the University of New Mexico where she was an NSF LSAMPBD fellow. Her research examined paleoclimate and paleohydrology records in travertine systems in arid regions including the southwestern United States, Australia and Egypt.




Vicki Lin

Vicki Lin

Vicki graduated in 2014 with a B.S. in Environmental Science and Management with an emphasis in Watershed Science. Since then, Vicki has worked at the State Water Resources Control Board in the Division of Financial Assistance, Environmental Review Unit and currently at the Division of Drinking Water, Field Operations Branch.  She works with small water systems throughout San Mateo and Santa Clara County to help them maintain compliance with California’s drinking water standards. This involves reviewing monthly water quality data and conducting sanitary surveys/inspections of water systems to provide technical recommendations and assistance. Vicki’s current role as an Environmental Scientist at the Division of Drinking Water allows her to connect her interests of environmental management with public health, all while developing quality relationships with the public. Email:


 Ai_Xueshan.JPGXueshan Ai

Visitor Scholar (2012-2013).
Professor at Wuhan University, School of Water Resources and Hydropower
Hubei, China.


 Maria Milanes Murcia

 Post-doctoral scholar (Jul/2013-Dec/2013)researching on the disciplines of water resources planning, management and international water law, focusing on conjunctive use of surface water and groundwater and water law. 



Samuel Schoevaars

Sam is a fifth-year undergraduate student pursuing his B.S. in Environmental Science and Management with an emphasis in Watershed Science. He is the lead student doing the analysis of water related economic activities (such as agriculture, recreation, tourism and flood control) in the Big Bend region of the Rio Grande/Bravo basin. His interests include groundwater hydrology, watershed management, water law, and environmental consulting. Email:




Kaylee Williams,

 Alumni of the hydrology major with an emphasis of coursework in Marine Geoscience and Wetlands. Kaylee collaborated in the construction of the geodatabase for the Application Efficianecy for Irrigation Systems in California Study. At this moment, she is exploring another important and challenging field: music. She and her brother (Ryan) created a indie-folk duo, called The Native Sibling. Check their website and facebook page, great band!