Hydrology & Climate Change

What is Hydrology? What is Climate Change? Are they related? This webpage provides a very basic knowledge of what is hydrology, climate change and how these two topics are related, in the context of California. Two small videos (8 minutes each) on each topic are available here in English and Spanish. The objective of these videos is to make available the fundamental knowledge regarding Hydrology and Climate Change.

I can present these materials in person; I have already done it with audiences varying from 20 up to 140 people! Please contact me (samsandoval@ucdavis.edu) to arrange a presentation, these presentations can be ideal for training sessions to farmworkers. Other audiences can be: teachers, personnel of water agencies, citizens, decision makers, people in the water supply industry, among others.

Climate Change 101

Climate Change 101 – First Part: Basic Concepts. (Presentation, Video Coming Soon)

This video explains what is weather and climate. It also explains what is the atmosphere and its composition, what the atmosphere does for us, the greenhouse gas effect and greenhouse gases, the role of greenhouse gases in the climate process.

Climate Change 101 – Second Part: Effect of Climate Change. (Presentation, Video Coming Soon)

This video explains the effect of more emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and some examples of climate trends in California.

Hydrology 101

Hydrology 101 – First Part: Basic Concepts.

This video explains what is hydrology, the basics of surface water and groundwater hydrology. It starts from the water cycle until some of the basic laws of hydrology.

Hydrology 101 – Second Part: Impact of Climate Change in California Water Resources.

This video explains the current and expected effects of climate change on California water resources.