2015/07/22 - Pablo, Sloane and I were collecting data at Stony creek.

2015/05/11 - I would like to share a couple oif blogs related to the sustainable groundwater management act (SGMA),  the first one related to Creating Effective Groundwater Plans, and the second related to Water Balances and Water Accounting

2015/05/05 - Last Tuesday, I was interviewed by a local radio station, KALW of San Frcisco,  about "How is the drought affecting California's Agriculture?"   

2015/04/22 - Yesterday I participated in a section of the local news, for KCRA station, and today there was a realesae of a video related to climate change, water, and  drought by ANR.

2015/04/13 - Last Sunday we had a research group BBQ at jose Luis house, we did have an excellent time

2015/04/09 - Today it was broadcasted an interview that I gave to National Public Radio related to the impact of drought in California farmers and agriculture. 

2015/04/06 - There has been a lot of media coverage on the Drought. Of course the NY Times articles on water restrictions and drought explanation that attarck a lot of attention, I did an interview for the local abc news, and other media, such as internet radio

2014/07/16 - Yesterday, I was interviewed at NPR regarding the new Statewide emergency regulations that allow local law enforcement and water agencies to impose a maximum $500-a-day fine on water wasters.  You can listen the audio or download it.

2014/05/24 - I have the opportunity to talk in the UC Drought Summit On the Capitol Building in Sacramento. I talked about Efficient Use of Water (AKA "Water Use Efficiency"), in summary, it is not a silver bullet and it has some unintended consequences, such as groundwater recharge reduction. Here is the link of the webpage that describes these points.

2014/04/30 - Today I was part of a panel that discussed the Drought in California in a radio program (in Spanish) called Linea Abierta, of the internet radio station called Radio Bilingue Network. You can listen the podcast here.

2014/04/24 - Today UC ANR lanched a audio clip (in spanish) about easy ways to save water.

2014/04/19 - Research group party at Jose Luis and Tara's House. notice the future integrant of the research lab: Søren :)

2014/04/16 - Research group meeting. Jenna Rodriguez practice her QE exam presentation. Getting ready fo a big step towards her Ph.D.

2014/04/02 - Many announcements for this week.

First, the Water Plan eNews of the Department of Water Resources of California posted the California Water Virtual Tour! We have had many visits to our website. For this project, plenty of people collaborated, faculty (Jay Lund, Helen Dahlke), Cooperative Extension Specialist (Stu Pettygrove) and undergraduate students (Vicki Lin and Omar Tinoco).

Second I made available the Master Thesis of Belize A. Lane in the E-library, Congratulations Belle, Good Job! Belle's thesis explain strategies to implement a more balanced water resources management between human and environmental needs. You can see her dissertation here.

Third, during the reserach group meeting, we had a group from the Stockholm Environment Institute from Colombia ahring with us their experiences and project related to integrated water resources managemnt, climate change and the use of WEAP. 

Fourth, the UC Davis drought website was released, in which, I am part of the introductory video for the website. Take a look at it.

2014/03/31 - Today it was released one video that I recorded explaining the water managment in Pajaro Valley. The actual presentations starts in minute 4. Take a look at it!

2014/03/26 - We got another article accepted. The peer reviewed article "Multi-tiered Governance of the Rio Grande/Bravo Basin: The Fragmented Water Resources Management Model of the United States and Mexico" written by Luzma and me was officially accepted at the International Journal of Water Governance. Take a look at it.

2014/03/17 - Today, the "California Water Virtual Tour" website was released officially. This virtual tour contains several videos where experts explains the physical and hydrological characteritics of the system, as well as issue related to different themes and basins. Take a look at it, it is an excellent educational resources.

2014/02/11 - I got interviewed by radio station in Florida, "Radio Actualidad" to talk about the situation of the drought in California.

2014/02/05 - I got interviewed by a reporter CBS reporter regarding the announcement that there is going to be a 0% allocation for State Water Project Contractors. Here is the link.

2014/01/31 - I got interviewed (in Spanish) about the impact of the drought in California, and what kind of things can be done to mitigate its effects. Listen to it.

2014/01/26 - We got another article accepted. The peer reviewed article "The Environmental Protection of Wetlands under International Law" written by Maria, me, and Michelle was officially accepted at the wetland Science and Practice Journal. Take a look at it.

2014/01/10 - Back to Chile. This time with Helen and Becky. We will explore ways to consolodate the previous research projects and strategize how to move forward on project already launched.

2013/12/27 - We got an article accepted. The peer reviewed article "Reconciling Hydropower and Environmental Water Uses in the Leishui River Basin, China" written by Xueshan, me, Helen and Belle was officially accepted at River Research and Applications journal. Take a look at it.

2013/09/30 - Classes Started. Here we go again to teach ESM-121 Water Science and Management, quite exciting!! Belle (Belize Lane) is going to be the TA.

2013/08/22 - On this day, there was a research group party at Sam and Silvia's house. All the research group attended the party. Excellent food, excellent time spent together. Here are some pictures:

2013/07/15 - I went to Osaka, Japan to join a group of researchers that are studying the relationship between Water, Food production and Energy (Water-Energy-Food Nexus) in Kyoto. An excellent opportunity to interact with Colleagues from all over the ring of Fire (Canada, United State, Japan and Philippines). This is a picture at the Nara Temple.

2013/07/01 - I went to Chile (Santiago, San Fernando, Chillan and Concepcion) to enhance the collaboration between UC Davis, Universidad de Concepcion and Centro del Agua para la Agricultura. An excellent trip to realize what was the not-so-altered hydrology of California! Yes!!! Because of the similarities in climate and orography, it is possible to see some of the natural patterns of rivers as they used to be in California.

08/26/2013. One of our research group graduate students, Erik Porse, developed research regarding best management practices, hydrologic responses to rain, water conservation measures in Los Cabos,  Mexico, what a terrible place to do research on summer :) . Read more about this in the following blog and at his webpage.

07/01/2013 - Today it was released a blog related to "Hobbes", a project that is intended to standarize make accessible data for planning models. The idea behind this is to set a solid fundation for planning models for the state of California. In general, there are several water planning models in the state of California, that can go for local planning models, to whole-State models. Hobbes, in its firsat stage will compile all the input data related to this models (stramflow data, reservoirs data, water demands, etc) and make it available in an organized and documented way. This news have been picked up by Maven's blog :)

04/30/2013 - A prospective Graduate Student, Rianne BeCraft. was awarded with a fellowship from the Meridian Institute, a conflict resolution non-profit organization. She will provide research, writing, and other types of support for a variety of projects while learning how to implement different conflict resolution techniques.

2013/03/18 - Our graduate student, Belize A. Lane,  received 3 academic awards in one week! She will be attending the PASI Training Institute on Adaptive Water-Energy Management in the Arid Americas in La Serena, Chile this summer. In addition, she will be using a summer travel grant provided by UC Davis’ Hemispheric Institute of the Americas (HIA) to collect economic and ecological data regarding water resources in the Big Bend Reach of them Rio Grande (Texas and Mexico). Felicidades Belize!


2012/08/06 - Our own graduate team student Jenna Rodriguez received the 2012 W.D. Farr Scholarships from the National Cattlemen’s Foundation, it recognize superior achievements in academics and leadership. This award will allow Jenna Rodriguez to continue her research in irrigation techniques and remote sensing to address better water management and information in the state of California and around the world (Chile and Australia at least). Take a moment to read a brief summary of the ceremony award event in Denver Colorado, and the press release with a short bio of her achivements, research and interest.

Please congratulate Jenna in this recognition and achivement. Congrats Jenna!!!!

2012/07/30 - There are times when noise try to obscure the purpose of the conversation. Please read this week Water Blog post from Jay Lund, an eloquent and mature way to cancel out the noise from the conversation.

2012/07/27 - Two days ago Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown and U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced a new $23.7 billion proposal that would build a twin tunnel system to carry water from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta over to the southern part of the state. This is the link of a Delta Stewarship Council letter analyzing the pros, cons and uncertainties of the decision, this letter was passed along by the all time expert Jay Lund. More about this news and the audio below comes from NPR - All Things Considered